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Global Ministries Expand Into Future

Ministries are now able to reach out to groups of people all across the world with the help of global connectivity. At one point, ministers were diligently writing books in their spare time in an attempt to spread their ideas, but now with the internet age, many ministers are turning to television shows, podcasts, and Roberts Liardon other forms of digital media to create a presence within the religious world. Communities all over have taken advantage of these popular forms of communication to strengthen their faith and encourage themselves. Many religious spokespersons are reaching out to audiences as viewers rather than readers in an attempt to advance with the modern age.

One example of global ministry, Roberts Liardon Ministries (, provides CDs and DVDs in addition to audio talks of Dr. Roberts Liardon, the organization’s founder. In addition to creating an electronic, Dr. Roberts Liardon has written several books than have been translated into more than 50 languages, but he began as a radio talkshow host when he was 16 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


The internet quickly became more popular than the radio, because speakers were able to broadcast their message online at all times. However, even with this factor, many producers will stop opt for a radio broadcast to reach older audiences and maintain the attention span of the audience. While the internet is an avenue for growth and can make radio shows more accessible, the internet also gives people options about what they would like to hear and see. A person’s attention span while using the internet is notably shorter.

Books remain to be a viable option for those who desire to expand their message, because many areas don’t have the ability to connect to podcasts via the internet. The other reason that many religious leaders or theologians begin by writing a book is to fund their ministry. Dr. Liardon, who was mentioned earlier, has sold millions of copies of his books. In fact, his first book has sold approximately 17 million to date. These funds are excellent for building new ministry locations, buying broadcast equipment, or beginning missionary programs to travel abroad and provide assistance to suffering communities.

Missionary outreach is the most direct approach to creating a global ministry. Many missionaries serve communities with altruistic and spiritual goals for a short period of time, and several return home calling missionary work one of the most gratifying experiences of their entire life. Missionary trips help provide basic necessities such supplying food and clothing, building homes and water irrigation systems, and even providing medical assistance.

The future of the ministry is continuing to expand with technology. This expansion has helped create more jobs for church goers and media specialists. Counselors, spiritual advisers, retreat leaders, and preachers are adapting to the changes in the electronic landscape to reach a greater amount of people and share their collected insight through faith-based educational programs.